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A: The Cessna Grand Caravan 208 is considered one of the safest single-engine aircraft in the world and the safest single-engine aircraft to land on water (FAA & ICAO). Our aircrafts meet the strictest requirements by FAA and CAAV for commercial operations

FAA: Federal Aeronautics Associations
ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organization
CAAV: Civil Aviation Authority Vietnam

Every flight is crewed by qualified crew members including 1 captain and 1 first officer. All captains and first officers are well-trained on safety and emergency procedures

A: In order to operate on-time and efficiently, we require passengers to present at the check-in counter 30 minutes prior to departure time. Our check-in counter opens 1 hour before the flight departure time

A: You will check in at Counter E09, Lobby E, Terminal 1, Noi Bai International Airport (in Hanoi) or No T7 Tuan Chau Commercial Urban Area, Tuan Chau Ward (in Halong city)

A. For passengers under fourteen years old travelling on Vietnam domestic flights:
Vietnamese nationality (submit one of the following IDs):
- Passport;
- Birth Certificate (originals or certificated copies) ;
- Birth Confirmation Form (for Infants under one (01) month old)
- Confirmation of a social organization: children under the patronage of that organization (this shall be valid within 6 months since the date of confirmation).
Non Vietnamese nationalities: 
- Passport.

B. For passenger from the age of fourteen years old: 
Vietnamese nationality (submit one of the following IDs):
- Passport;
- Identity card;
- Military Identity card;
- National Assembly membership card;
- Communist party membership card
- Press Identity card;
- Driving license;
- Aviation Security control card;
- Airlines Identity card;
- Confirmed form written by local police or authorities.
Non-Vietnamese nationalities: 
- Passport;

The travel documents used by passengers shall meet the following conditions:
- Such travelling documents are still valid;
- A passenger photo is glued on and stamped, except for certificate of birth, paper certifying birth of infants, security badge and airlines ID

A: Please click here for more information.

A: Hai Au Aviation will endeavour to advise you of the situation immediately on the contact phone number you have supplied to us upon booking. Please have your mobile switched on that day.

Force Majeure are cases such as natural disasters, fires, strikes, lock-outs, acts of the public enemy, wars, blockades, prohibitions, embargoes, uprisings, riots, epidemics, changes in the government of countries concerned (special purpose aircraft, cancelation, delay...), weather, technical errors and any cause beyond Hai Au Aviation’s control that force pilots or operators to make decisions for the safety of passengers and the flight. In this case, Hai Au Aviation is not responsible for any damages and penalties. 
For more information, please click here.

A: In case of a delay, Hai Au Aviation’s ground handling staff will inform affected passengers of the delay reason and the new departure time.

If the delay is more thang 3 hours and if you would like to cancel the flight, Hai Au Aviation will offer free-of-charge reschedule (within 3 month) or a full refund to the affected passengers. We will also offer you a free one-time transfer back to downtown from Noi Bai Airport.
For more information, please click here.

A: Yes, Hai Au Aviation accepts Children or Infants with the following requirements so long as they are accompanied by an adult of 21 years old or above.
Child Fare (2 – 12 years old) is 100% Adult Public Fare.
Infant Fare is VND 500,000/child for transfer ticket and VND 200,000/child for scenic ticket

A: In order to better service our guests it is in everyone's best interest to obtain real weights whenever possible. This will reduce the chance of overbooked flights due to aircraft being loaded above safe parameters, which results in our flights being on-time and safe.

A: Pregnant passenger's obligation is to inform Hai Au Aviation of her pregnancy period when making a reservation and at the check-in counter. The carriage of pregnant passengers is subject to the following conditions:
- Under 27-week pregnancy: Hai Au Aviation will carry this passenger without doctor's certification but the passenger must sign the Statement of limited liability.
- Over 27-week pregnancy: These passengers must present doctor's letters confirming that her health condition is suitable to fly and this letters must be valid no earlier than seven (7) days prior to the departure date. Passengers will be required to sign the Statement of limited liability.
- 32-week pregnancy and over: Hai Au Aviation will refuse the carriage of these passengers.

A: Every flight is crewed by 1 International Captain and 1 Vietnamese first officer
• Minimum 6,000 flight hours
• Experiences flying in Canada, Maldives, Africa and Australia
   First officers
• Certificates: JAA , FAA
• Training in Australia by Sydney Seaplanes
   All Captains and FOs are well-trained on safety and emergency procedures

A: The aircraft speeds are approximately 260km/h. Please visit Aircraft Fleets to find out more information relating to Hai Au Aviation’s seaplane.

A: Each of our fleets can accommodate between eight to twelve passengers depending on the route, the weather, and the weights of passengers. For more information, please see Aircraft Fleets.

A: The seating allocation will be handled by the pilots. The pilots consider the aircraft weight and balance, security, passenger mobility and several other factors in this process. Being at the front of the queue has no influence in the allocation of your seat.

A: Yes, we run promotion programs from time to time. Please visit our website and/or our facebook page to get updated on our promotion programs.

A: Hai Au Aviation offers last-minute booking for passengers who book tickets within 4-48 hours if there are still available seats. However it is advisable that you book as soon as possible in order to secure your seat.
Contact us on or +84 (0) 962 960 689 for last-minute enquiries.

A: You must be ambulatory in order to fly with the ability to walk on and off the aircraft with minimal or no assistance.

A: We recommend you wear comfortable clothing during your flight. Also be aware that scarves and long gowns can cause a safety hazard, so we recommend you not wear these. Our seaplanes have air conditioning, however due to Vietnam’s tropical environment (warm weather from May to September), we recommend that you dress in light clothing to ensure a comfortable flight.

Yes, with the most amazing landscape in the world on view from your seat you'd be mad not to - don't forget to charge your batteries - we only ask that you don't press your camera against the window as it tends to scratch the glass.

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