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The scope of application of this agreement
This agreement ("User Agreement") is a combination of the terms and conditions for Hai Au Aviation and affiliate companies to provide services for the person (s) ("Users") who intends purchase or inquire about any products and / or services of Hai Au Aviation using the Hai Au Aviation website or use any channel other customer interface of Hai Au Aviation, which including sales staffs, the offices, the telephone switchboard, advertising, promotional campaigns,...
In this Agreement, both users and Hai Au Aviation are referred individually to as the "party" collectively as "the parties".
The responsibilities of this agreement are aware of Users

The users using services from Hai Au Aviation will be deemed to have read, fully understood and accepted absolute terms and conditions of this agreement, the agreement will adjust the user's transactions or providing such services by Hai Au Aviation in reality, and would bind users. All rights and obligations of users and / or Hai Au Aviation for any services provided by Hai Au Aviation will be limited in the scope of this agreement.

Hai Au Aviation has the right, absolute discretion, terminate the access to any or all of the above Hai Au Aviation website or other sales channels and the related services or any portion that at any time, without notice, for general maintenance or for any reason.

In addition to this agreement, there are a number of terms of service (TOS) specific to the services / products made/ supplied by Hai Au Aviation as airfare, hotel, and vacation packages ... this TOS will be provided / updated by Hai Au Aviation and will be considered part of this agreement and in the event of a conflict between the terms of other specific services (TOS), and this agreement, the terms of the agreement on this agreement will be applied. Users will be asked to read and accept the TOS related to the services / products that users have used.

In addition, the service provider may also provide terms and guidelines for the feature, the special offerings or the rules and policies applicable to each Service (for example: flights, hotel reservations, package services ...). Users are responsible for ensuring compliance with the terms and guidelines or rules and operating policies of the service provider that the user has selected, including the terms and conditions specified in fare rules, contract of carriage or other provisions of the service provider.

Hai Au Aviation is providing services to Users on the condition that it is accepted without modification all of the terms, conditions and notices in this Agreement and the terms of other specific services (TOS). To remove the doubt, it is clarified as follows: the use of the service by users is an acknowledgment and acceptance by the user to this Agreement and the provisions of other specific services (TOS). Please indicate otherwise if users do not agree with any part of the terms, conditions and notices prescribed in this Agreement.

In case any of these terms, conditions and notices in this agreement conflict with the Additional Terms or other terms and guidelines in any other document of Hai Au Aviation, then these terms will be applied.

By using the Account Access service on Hai Au Aviation website, users allow Hai Au Aviation and its agents to access third-party sites, including the banks and other payment gateways, on their behalf or their assigned to obtain the information requested.

During registration, users will choose a password and shall be responsible for the security of your password and account.
Users are solely responsible for all activities that occur under your password or use their account. Users are responsible for notifying Hai Au Aviation immediately in written document of any unauthorized use of their password or account or any security breaches. Hai Au Aviation will be not be responsible for any damage that may occur to users due to unauthorized use of your password or account of them, whether they know it or not. Users will not use another person's password at any time.

Hai Au Aviation has the right to collect fees listed for the specific categories on the site, as well as 2% conveniences fee based on transactions completed it is if paying via credit card (no extra charge if paying directly or bank transfer). Hai Au Aviation sometimes also reserves the right to alter any and all fees, without notice.
Users will be completely responsible for all charges, fees, duties, taxes, and fixed amount paid arising from using the services.
In any case, Hai Au Aviation is lack of fees for listing, services or transaction fee or any other fee or service because of any technical reason or any other reason, Hai Au Aviation has right to deduct / charge / claim the rest after such transaction in accordance with its discretion.
In some rare cases, if the booking confirmation is not yet received for any reason, we will proceed to refund and notify you. Hai Au Aviation has no obligation to put the seat back or compensate / replace the unconfirmed bookings. All new reservations will be treated as new transactions, not reference to the transactions that have not been confirmed reservations earlier.
Users will require Hai Au Aviation to refund for hotel reservations or airline tickets deals but not used yet for any reason within 90 days from the date of departure and airfare / or check-in date for hotel reservations. Any refund as applicable will be handled according to the policies of Airlines, Hotels and Hai Au Aviation in each case. The refund will not be made for any given request after 90 days as above. All the fees due to booked hotel / airfare / tour, but not such use, shall be deemed to have been lost.

Any confidential information obtained, specifically information mentioned from Hai Au Aviation that must be maintained confidentiality by Users shall not be disclosed except as required by law or for the purposes of this agreement and the obligations of both parties.
Hai Au Aviation using of users’ mobile phone
Hai Au Aviation may send booking confirmation, itinerary information, cancellation, payment confirmation, refund status, schedule changes or any other information related to the transaction, through SMS or call on the contact telephone number provided due to user when reservation; Hai Au Aviation can also contact the user by phone call, SMS or email in case users can not or have not completed the booking, for whatever reason, to know the aspirations of the people used to complete the booking and also to help users. Hereby, Users unconditionally agree that all the communications via SMS and / or voice call Hai Au Aviation are at the request and permission of users. Users will indemnify Hai Au Aviation for all types of loss and damage Hai Au Aviation suffered by action due to any agency of the Government State of any errors due to users for Hai Au Aviation regarding the notification mentioned above or due to wrongly provided phone number or email address from users, for any reason.

Hai Au Aviation is responsible only for the transactions performed by users through Hai Au Aviation website. Hai Au Aviation will not be responsible for screening, censoring or controlling the transaction, including confirming whether the transaction is legal and valid under the law of the jurisdiction where users live.
Users will assure compliance with all procedures and additional guidance, as amended from time to time, relating to the use of the service. Users will also assure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations on the use of services related to the competence of each transaction.
Users represent and confirm that they are of legal age to participate in a binding contract and are not a person barred from using the Service in Vietnam law or other applicable laws.

Hai Au Aviation is not responsible for any error, omission or described on its web site, or on any of the links or any linked site. Hai Au Aviation did not endorse any of the ads on its website by any means whatsoever. Users must verify the accuracy of all information before conducting any work based on such information.
The linked sites are not under the control of Hai Au Aviation (HAA) and HAA is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link on a linked site, or any changes or any updates to such sites. Hai Au Aviation provides links to users because of their convenience, and the use of any link does not imply endorsement of that site by Hai Au Aviation.

Except as otherwise explicitly provided by Hai Au Aviation in any of the services or the transfer of, particularly, the full insurance obligation / option of the user, Hai Au Aviation shall not accept any claim arising out of it.
Insurance, if offered as part of the services / products by Hai Au Aviation, will comply with the terms and conditions of the insurance company. Users will liaise directly with the insurance company if there are any complaints or disputes with regards to insurance benefits and Hai Au Aviation shall not give any undertaking, whether express or implied, as to accepting the requirements of insurance companies.

Users agree that there may be a special case, when the service operators like the airlines, hotels, or the companies providing transportation services cannot make reservations confirmed for many different reasons like climatic conditions, labor unrest, inability to pay, the state of emergency business, government decisions, operating problems and techniques, canceled flight itinerary... If Hai Au Aviation noticed the situation where reservations cannot be implemented, Hai Au Aviation will try our best to provide the same services replacement for customers or refund the booking amount after deducting the reasonable service charges, if supported and refunded from the respective operators. Users agree that Hai Au Aviation, as an agent to create favorable conditions for the booking services, will not be responsible for any such circumstances and the customers have direct contact with service provider for other solutions and refunds (if any).
User agrees that in situations due to any technical malfunction or other failure at Hai Au Aviation, services committed earlier may not be provided or have changed significantly. In this case, Hai Au Aviation will refund the entire amount received from the customer for the use of such services minus the cancellation fee, cost reimbursement or other appropriate fees, and any liability of Hai Au Aviation involve not providing adequate services. Additional amounts needed to pay, if any, will be paid by the users.
Hai Au Aviation is not responsible for the delay or inability to perform or not perform all or part of its obligations due to any cause other than by acts or omissions of itself and beyond its reasonable control, such as natural disasters, fires, strikes, embargoes, acts of government, acts of terrorism or other causes similar problems from firms air, rail, bus, hotel or transportation. In that case, the affected users will be notified promptly in accordance with the allowed circumstances.
Without prejudice to whatever is stated above, the maximum liability of the Hai Au Aviation arise in circumstances related to any services offered on this site, will be limited to the refund of total amount received from the customer to use the service minus the cancellation fee, refund fees or other charges, as may be applicable. In any case, shall not cover any loss, damage or additional costs exceed the amount collected Hai Au Aviation for its service.
Hai Au Aviation is not responsible for any error, omission or presentation on any of its websites, or on any of the links or any linked site.

Users understand and agree that any material and / or data downloaded or obtained through using this Service is done entirely at the discretion and risk of their own and they will bear full responsibility for any damages to their computer system or loss of data as they download the documents and / or the data.
However, Hai Au Aviation will always do our best to ensure that the content on their websites or other information channels do not contain viruses or malicious software.

Users are aware that Hai Au Aviation offers many different services such as hotel reservations, airline tickets, packages and want to learn about them, to enhance their tourism services. Specifically here, Users shall allow Hai Au Aviation to use their contact with the provision of various services of Hai Au Aviation through direct mailers, e-mail, phone calls, messaging services short (SMS) or any other means, at some point. In case the customer chooses not to be contacted, they would write to Hai Au Aviation via email address: Customers should read and understand the privacy policies of Aviation on Hai Au Aviation website. Hai Au Aviation will contact and offer users or share user information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Hai Au Aviation can provide content to users, such as sound, photographs, graphics, video or other material contained in sponsor advertisements or information. This document may be protected by copyrights, trademarks, or rights and other intellectual property laws.
The user can use this document as the Hai Au Aviation explicitly allowed and will not copy, transmit or create reproductions of this material without explicit permission of Hai Au Aviation.
Users acknowledge and agree that they shall not upload, copy or send any content on or through the Services are protected by copyright or other proprietary rights of a third party, which without the written permission of the owner of such rights.
Any exclusive content or other copyright owner is sent with the consent of the owner must have proper notice of ownership. Posting or sending copyrighted content or other proprietary rights without permission is illegal and can cause users to take personal responsibility or prosecution.
Users’ Responsibilities for VISA
These travel reservations performed by Hai Au Aviation depending on the requirements of Visa which individual travelers had to meet. Hai Au Aviation is not responsible for any issues, including inability to travel, arising out of such Visa requirements and is not responsible for the refund in reserve transaction but not used because any such reason.

Unless otherwise specified, the services of Hai Au Aviation are for personal use and non-commercial users. Users may not change, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license or create derivative works from; transfer or sell any information, software, products or services obtained from the website of Hai Au Aviation without explicit permission in writing from Hai Au Aviation.

Users agree to indemnify, protect and keep Hai Au Aviation and / or its affiliates, web pages and successors / assignees harmless legitimate against any and all losses, meaning service, claims, damages and expenses (including legal expenses and reasonable concerning the applicable interest rate payments) that Hai Au Aviation and / or its affiliates, partner sites and the heirs / assignees legitimately claim or incur arising as a result of, or may be charged as a violation or not make any representations, warranties, covenants or agreements have been made or any obligation will have to be made by user under this agreement.
Users will be responsible only and completely for violation of any rules of each particular country or rules of conduct and Hai Au Aviation is not responsible for the violations of these rules.

Hai Au Aviation, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to not accept any orders without explaining any reason. Any contract to provide any of the services Hai Au Aviation will be considered incomplete until the full amount for services Hai Au Aviation has been received and approved.
Without prejudice to other alternatives for Hai Au Aviation under this agreement, according to a number of terms of service (TOS) or under applicable law, Hai Au Aviation may restrict the activities of users, or terminate catalog listing service for users, warn the user about the actions of a particular user, and immediately, temporarily / indefinitely suspend or terminate the user’s registration, and / or deny users access to the website if:
- Users violating this agreement, a number of terms of service (TOS) and / or the accompanying reference materials;
- Hai Au Aviation unable to verify or authenticate any information provided by the users; or
- Hai Au Aviation believes Users actions may violate the rights of third parties or violating any applicable law or result in any liability to any user, to other users of the site and / or the Hai Au Aviation.
Hai Au Aviation can restore operation for the user who has been suspended at any time, depending on their decisions. Once that has been suspended indefinitely, users will not register or attempt to register with Hai Au Aviation or use the website in any way until the restoration of Hai Au Aviation.
Despite the foregoing, if the users violate this agreement, a number of terms of service (TOS) or the accompanying documents referenced, Hai Au Aviation has the right to recover any amounts which appropriate from users to pay for Hai Au Aviation and / or the service provider and Hai Au Aviation has the right to initiate a lawsuit if necessary.

Users clearly assure to only provide Hai Au Aviation accurate and valid information during requiring any of the services under this Agreement, and shall not misrepresent any facts. Any false information from the users will invalidate this agreement and will be deprived the right to use the services of Hai Au Aviation Users.
At any time during or after receiving a service request from users, if Hai Au Aviation discovers or has reasons to believe that the requirement to provide such services are illegal or all / part information user provided is not accurate or any facts misrepresented by user, Hai Au Aviation, according to their own discretion, has the right without restriction on to perform any action on (the) users, including cancellation bookings, without prior notice to users. In that case, Hai Au Aviation is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage users may suffer as a result of the cancellation of bookings or services.
Users definitely indemnify Hai Au Aviation for claims or liability and Hai Au Aviation will not be held responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from measures taken by Hai Au Aviation to protect the interests of them and their honest customers. This also includes that Hai Au Aviation will deny / cancel any reservations due to the suspected fraud trading.

If any provision of this Agreement is determined to be invalid or cannot be done in whole or in part, then this invalid or unenforceable will only associated with terms in such provision or portion and the remains of such provision and all other provisions of this agreement shall continue in full force and completedly effected.

The headings and sub-categories have been here only for convenience and ease of identification and are not intended to describe, interpret, define or limit the scope, extent or purpose of this Agreement, of the terms and conditions, notices, or users’ right to use this site are defined in this or any other section or pages of the web site of Hai Au Aviation or its partner websites or any provision of this agreement by any way.
In case any of the terms, conditions and notices in this Agreement conflict with the Additional Terms or other terms and guidelines on any site of Hai Au Aviation, then these terms will be apply.

There is no provision of any agreement, terms and conditions or notices, or the right to use this site of Users are defined in this or any page or any part of the Hai Au website Aviation or partner sites, is regarded as forming a partnership relationship between users and Hai Au Aviation and neither party shall have any authority to bind or be considered agents of the other party in any way.
Updates by Hai Au Aviation
Users acknowledge that Hai Au Aviation provides services with attendance and reasonable care. Hai Au Aviation did their best to guarantee that users do not face any trouble. However, at some point, the information, software, products and services included or available on the website of Hai Au Aviation or other sales channels and ad materials may be inaccurate and such inaccuracies or typographical errors will be corrected immediately after being recognized by Hai Au Aviation. These changes are / can be done either by periodically adding to such information provided. Hai Au Aviation can make improvements and / or modifications on their website at any time without notice to users. Any tips received not through an authorized representative of Hai Au Aviation but through Hai Au Aviation website should not be taken as a basis for making decisions.

Hai Au Aviation reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices provided on the website of Hai Au Aviation. Users are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions.

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Vietnam. Hai Au Aviation completely refuse any warranty implied by law provided for any jurisdiction or country outside the customs office where Hai Au Aviation branches or offices operate.
Responsibilities of Users
Users completely agree that they have to bear any risks of using the service. Within the scope that Hai Au Aviation is only a booking agent on behalf of the service provider as a third party, Hai Au Aviation will not have any liability whatsoever for any aspect of the service standards provided by the service provider. In any case, Hai Au Aviation shall not be responsible for the services provided by the service provider.
Hai Au Aviation completely rejects all kinds of warranties, either expressed or implied. No advice or information, whether verbally or in writing, that users get from Hai Au Aviation or through the Service, shall constitute any warranty not yet clear hereby or in the terms and conditions of the service. If users do not agree with any of the above terms, they are advised not to read the material on any page of Hai Au Aviation or use any content, sites, any information or document else offered by Hai Au Aviation. The only solution in case users do not agree, in whole or in part, of this User Agreement, is to stop using the service after informing in writing to Hai Au Aviation.

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